There is GOLD in them there mountains. Yes that is what I said. I have been able to assist buyers in making awesome investments in homes, view lots, creek lots, lake homes and golf course homes. The deals my clients have made are unbelievable. They are picking up equity with their purchases; which means they have made money as soon as they closed on their property. We have a lake house valued at 1.2 million that was recently put under contract for 650,000. Another lake home that is 4,500 + - hundred square feet that will be closing soon for 280,000. This home could not be built for the selling price let alone have a lake lot and dock thrown in. With my local knowledge and personal relationship with builders, developers, and bankers I am able to assist buyers with the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been extremely busy during a slow economy as I have kept working and on top of a falling market; that has allowed me to find the deals of the century for my buyers. This won’t last forever so don’t procrastinate and miss out. As someone that has been selling in a depressed real estate market I get calls and heads up each and every day on absolute steals. Contact me for my personal knowledge and let me help you with your steal. As a local newspaper said; come see the original Good Ole Boy that has his act together. Buyers this is your time, your investment dollars are spreading long and thick. My contact info is, phone number 828-837-3002 office, cell is 828-361-4710, and my email is and my website is and our office website is If you are able to invest don’t be hesitate in regards to ASKING PRICES as they are definitely not cut in stone as I was showing a house yesterday and the identical house behind the house I was showing was listed for 15,000.00 more but through the builder I was told they would take less than the one I was showing. Man! There is GOLD IN THEM THERE HILLS. Dexs Hubbard Sr. Remix Broker