I just want to jot a note to you all. Today is another beautiful day in Murphy. It is around 65 degrees and the sun is shining. If I was retired or on vacation, I would have found my way to one of our local golf courses. Anyway, I was showing some real estate this morning to a young lady from the Tampa area. It was a real pleasure. We traveled some of our picturesque roads. We went past some beautiful pastures, some gorgeous mountain views and our own Lake Hiwassee. We were looking at a couple of bargain lots that we have for sale. She had found them on another website, which is OK. Not everyone has found our site, yet. Neither one was quite what she was looking for. The good thing is that now I know what she is wanting. I think I  found one for her after she left. She plans to stop back in tomorrow to look. Feel free to call me if you want me to help you find your next place.

Dennis Hamma