My name is Dex Hubbard Sr, and I work for Remax Mountain Properties in Murphy, North Carolina. Murphy is a growing town in Western North Carolina, bordered by North East Georgia and Eastern Tennessee. Forbes Magazine voted us the number six in the United States as a second home/escape getaway location in 2006. The Nantahala Gorge was voted the number one vacation destination in the US. Our area is a recreational Mecca. We have been classified, as Atlanta's playground. Our Mountain Lakes, sprawling scenic mountains, creeks and rivers, moderate winters, cool summers have been a drawing factor for tens of thousands of retirement aged people for years. The boom in the real estate market along with the Federal Banking Regulations allowing credit to be given to individuals that could not afford their debts has created an investors paradise. There is one great investment after the other locally in my area. There are Developments that are in all phases of completion, from raw land, phases completed, to developments that are totally completed. There are Speculation Home Builders that are in a loosing position and Land Flippers that got caught in a declining market. With all these facts stated, this is a prelude for an Investor to capitalize and see the biggest gains possible for their capital investment. Get with me ( Dex Hubbard Sr ) and let me assist you in PROTECTING YOUR MONEY and allowing your money to work for YOU in a recessed economy. As a Real Estate Broker the best advice I can give you is come see me as I have my fingers on the pulse of my local Real Estate Market and have knowledge that is invaluable to a SAVVY INVESTOR. Dex Hubbard Sr 828-361-4710 Cell, 828-837-3002 Office, email is dex@dexhubbard.com and my web site is www.dexhubbard.com. Let’s protect and make some money together.