The Weather in Western NC and NE Georgia has been great the last week or so. A group of Golfers headed to the Surrounding Golf Couses over the past week with high temps in the 60's . This warm weather has everyone getting a dose of Spring Fever. People are talking about putting in their gardens and getting ready for ther spring and summer to come. A Fellow Agent  said this morning that he was passed by more kayakers that were headed to the White Water Rafting at the Nantahal Gorge. I am bloging this morning to tell all that things are great in the mountains and come enjoy our recreational mecca. I have a rental cabin that can be viewed and the link below shows that there are one of a kind places that are available to one seeking a get-a-way to the mountains, If you have any interest in a rental cabin, a Mountain Home or a retirement home in the mountains now is a great time to visit. My website is and my email is , and contact me at 828-361-4710 See Link Below