I consider myself to be an expert on Real Estate here in Murphy, NC area.  I have spent a great deal of money and time to get my education and experience. That said: I would never consider going into a strange area or new area to me and purchasing property without a Realtor!  I want representation.  When you own the property is not the time to discover that you have a problem.  Did I pay too much when I bought?  Am I getting enough when I sell?  Many times in a by owner deal the answers to those questions are not appealing and worse yet there might be a problem with the property that might have been discovered by a little direction of a pro. 

Did you know that almost all of the time the seller pays real estate commission?  So by finding the property on your own, listed by an owner you put yourself in an unrepresented situation to make one of the largest investments of your life and have you saved money?  Seller pays commission right? We will represent you for free and have the seller pay our commission.      We will work hard to get you the best deal on a View Lot, Mountain Cabin, or commercial property we can find.  We will assist you through negotiation, investigation of the property and title, and closing so you have a free and clear title. 

So, next time you are in Murphy, stop by and say hello and don't make a big mistake when you are here. 

Kelly R. Hopkins