Here is a link to the article about Fed Chairman Ben Bernake's announcement that the Federal Reserve is going to put a 1.2 trillion dollar infusion into the financial markets. This link will explain how this will help stabilize the economy and get the banks back to making loans to businesses and lowering interest rates. This will help stabilize home prices and help bring us out of a recession. Well with that said the effect on the real estate market will be home sales and land sales will start moving at a faster pace and subsequently prices will increase over a period of time. Banks are clearing their books of foreclosures, sellers are attempting short sales with banks approvals, and sellers are absorbing losses on previous investments. I can assist you in making a monumental move as far as buying a bargain priced home, creek lot, Mountain View lot, lake lot, farm, or parcel of land. I know inside information from banks, developers, and sellers needing to sale. If you are a bargain hunter then contact me cause you have found your bargain finder. The people buying now are the ones looking at the greatest margin of gain. So as I have stated in other posted bogs NOW IS THE TIME. Don't miss the drop in the real estate market and pay too much. Dex Hubbard Sr. Remax Broker 828-837-3002 or cell 828-361-4710